Tuesday, 4 March 2008

A Nice Surprise!!

Helen very kindly passed on the You Make My Day Award to me which was a lovely surprise to log on to!! I now have to pass it on to 10 people by leaving a message on their blogs (or email) and they then pass it on to 10 more and so on. And apparently if it gets passed back to me - then that Makes My Day again which is even more fab!!

So here are the 10 I am passing it on to:

Andrea (sorry Andrea!!!)


Shaz said...

Well done on your award Lesley and thanks for passing it on to me xx

Oh btw i have tagged you :) go see my blog xxx

She said...

Thank you Lesley. You have made my day too! Please look on my blog! Lots of love xxxx

Lydia said...

Oh Thank you Lesley xx
Yours is well deserved, you do so much to brighten our days(((hug)))

Hels said...

Thanks Lesley, that has made my day :O))

Linda Elbourne said...

Thank you so much Lesley, I am honoured and chuffed to receive this award and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the legend that is Tim Holtz, without his constant adoring emails and incessant compliments of my physique and general appearance I know this would not have been possible. I will have to leave my Thanks there I am afraid - I have been away from him for five minutes and he is pining ..... TIM! Get off my ankles .... I promise you will have my undivided attention in a minute!

daisy said...

Thank you xx