Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas - Day 2

Well this tag was a nightmare to do!  I had a grungeboard deer but would it stick to the sticky canvas!!  No it wouldn't, and I couldn't cut round the fiddly antlers that it had so I chopped them off in the end in annoyance!  So, this is my version of what Tim made, I don't like it very much but hopefully the next one will be better!  Oh yes, I stuck the music paper on the wrong way up too and had to sort that out!

Tim's tag


Anesha said...

It looks lovely, but does sound like it was not all fun making it. Have fun with the next one. :)

Zoe said...

LOL! I love what you wrote about this tag. I was just looking back at all the Tim Holtz tags of Christmas this year and found yours. I like it, but yeah, the deer looks a little kooky (but kooky isn't always a bad thing).
Now I've got to take a look at the rest of your tags! :)

Louise said...

i wondered if you was joining in with the tags this year Lesley. Even though this one didn't go smoothly it does look lovely xx

* Shaz * said...

Great tag Lesley, shame you didn't have fun, but at least you had a reindeer i had to settle for a tree lol, lets hope the next one is a bit easier xx xx